London Church Denied Same Sex Civil Partnership Licence

The spiritual community I am a member of- New Unity would like to be the first Church in London to have same sex civil partnership ceremonies, but the local council don't seem so keen... after delaying a fire risk assessment for 6 months, it hit the local press last week.


This week's update?


They finally did the Fire risk assessment, and now deem the Church not fit for same sex civil partnership ceremonies, on the grounds of Health & Safety, despite the same building already being approved for marriages, and it being used for Sunday morning services and various other groups and activities which are open to the public...


Full article in The Hackney Post


I love New Unity, it's a place I go to for peace and quiet, the services are always inspiring- tools for life, self management, deepening relationships, it's a "Church" with a difference, a place where anyone can go- a radically inclusive spiritual community that welcomes anyone of any tradition, the common denominator is that our members seek spiritual/personal growth.


Our minister happens to be an atheist (yes you did read that correctly), our services tend to be very pragmatic, how can we improve the quality of our lives, and the lives of others, deepen our spiritual awareness, grow as people. 


We involved ourselves in the World Pride parade; we actively participate in our local communities, striving for social justice, providing support to our community members. We are "good citizens" and some of our members would like to get "married" in our Church, but this denies them that...


We hope that continuing to work with the local council will resolve this, but on the face of things it seems very disheartening, I will keep you posted of any updates..



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