100 Word Challenge

This is a creative writing exercise from 100 Word Prompt, provided each week by Julia Skinner, a former headteacher and present School Governer. 


If you want to develop your creativity muscles, this is a good exercise to use, I've done it a few times now, and each time I do it, it teaches me something new about writing. 


Thanks Julia!  


…the points were sharp…



But they drove the learning deep.  Seeing people fail, sharing from stage exactly what caused them to fail, their motivations, the reasoning behind their decisions, was a powerful learning experience.


It provided great insight to how success really was built, in the understanding of every single tiny detail of the problem, and in being able to come up with ideas that weren’t the normal, run of the mill ones, because those simply did not work.


Others would say that it was public humiliation, a tool used by the bully to keep people in fear of failing.





If you want to join in, you can post your version to your own blog and have it linked to on 100 word prompt blog, or if you prefer leave it in a comment below! 


Happy creating!  

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