What is a Soul Mate?

Rose "You Are Loved"



Soul Mates are 2 people that are destined to be with each other in a romantic/ intimate/ loving relationship - they are 2 halves of one whole and that without each other they don't quite function fully, they are not complete.  Often Soul mates have known each other in previous lifetimes, and find themselves inixtricably drawn to the other person, despite their logical side knowing that it doesn't make sense.  It is a strong and powerful bond which can seem very much like an addiction.


Now does everyone have a Soul Mate that they need to find in order to have a satisfying, fulfilling relationship?  

Personally I think not.  I have had more than one relationship where I was totally in love with the person I was with, and completely believed I had found the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with.  It's a trully challenging experience realising when things don't turn out the way one expected.  I've had 2 relationships where I believed I would spend the rest of my life with that person.  One relationship I spent five and a half years in, the other was one and a half years.  At the end of both I realised & gained clarity about what I had learned from those men.  Both were learnings of not accepting unnacceptable behaviour- about me learning how to stand up for myself assertively & ask for what I truly deserve- a loving respectful relationship.


Is there only one Soul Mate out there for everyone?  I think not- for me Soul connections can happen with more than one individual in a lifetime- I've felt that kind of connection even with people that I never had a committed relationship with.  I've experienced powerful connections that didn't make any sense logically, practically, perhaps they could be called physical attraction, but that wasn't the only level there was a connection on.  I felt drawn, like a magnet, I seemed to have no power to keep myself away, despite any negative side effects being with the particular person might bring.


Everytime I've experience this kind of connection I've learned something about relationships- learned something about myself, and I've healed something that hadn't been resolved from my past.


It's my experience that I attract people into my life for a reason.  Logically I might know that it's not the best thing for me but somehow going through an experience is where I learn how to love more- the other person and also me.  Also at the start of relationships I always believe in all of the wonderful possiblities.

The biggest learnings have been that I am NOT responsible for all of the difficulty within the relationships- I'm only responsible for 50% of it!


I do NOT agree that there is only ONE true soul mate- and I see that people give themselves an awful difficult time because they're unsure is this the "One"?  The one you're with now is the one you're "supposed" to be with! How do I know this?  Because that's the ONE you ARE with NOW- and everything happens for a reason.


Our spirits/souls draw to us the people that we need to learn, to heal, & to grow, these are the people that we're meant to be with, and they may change frequently, infrequently or not at all...  everyone is different, each of us is unique.  

There may well be friends and people that we know who are in Soul Mate relationships that are successful and loving and have been for years- if we're not in one of those relationships, that doesn't mean that we haven't found "our soul mate" it just means that we need something different on our own path of love, growth and understanding.


Soul Mate or not- you are complete & made in the image and liikeness of God- exacty as you are right now.


When is now going to be a good time to start loving you?




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