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I became a coach because I love seeing people empowered to do what they want with their lives. Coaching helps people learn new ways to be fulfilled, relaxed, and enjoy life. 

Everyone has a right to be happy, what happiness is for one person can be completely different for another.   Everyone has their own answers, and it’s extremely powerful to have a coach help you access those answers.


I coach people by using my natural curiosity & understanding of personal and spiritual growth, a coaching session with me is a gentle yet challenging questioning process.  



I’ve been committed to my own personal journey of discovery & creation for over a decade.  I constantly seek new ways to improve myself, my skills, my relationships, my knowledge, and my coaching.


My goal is to take 100% responsibility for my own happiness and well being, I am creating the change I want to see in the world a little bit each day.  If each of us did this, to the best of our ability it would initiate a fundamental change in our global society.  More and more people would dare to be happy & help those around them become more and more fulfilled in their own lives. 


I’ve arrived at these beliefs not through any airy fairy notion, I’ve arrived at these beliefs through experience of healing emotionally, spiritually and mentally from my own challenging life experiences.


My personal development & healing journey has involved both joy & struggle in coming to terms with, and accepting what happened to me.  I am not "Healed" I am not perfect, from time to time I find new issues come to the surface to be healed.  I continue to make progress and heal more and more each day.


I coach because the gifts of understanding that I have been given by healing myself are too precious to be kept to myself.  I experience joy & gratitude each time I am able to share the processes involved in creating our lives to being exactly what we want.

Coaching is what makes my heart sing & me want to dance.  


To be able to coach is an honour and a privilege, people trust me by sharing their deepest desires, their darkest fears. Because of the safety and confidentiality of the coaching relationship people have the freedom to explore exactly what it is that blocks them from living to their full potential.  They also find the solutions to those blocks.


If you’d like to find out if coaching can support you in living the life of your dreams; happy, healthy, and wealthy, you can book here