What is Life Coaching?

Our Life coaches draw on a wealth of experience and knowledge of personal development, and are trained to support clients how to identifying their strengths, weaknesses and any obstacles that might be in the way of living a happy, healthy and wealthy life. 


A life coach is someone who has the skills and experience to guide and coach you, so that you fully understand what you really want out of life, supports you in creating realistic plans on how to achieve your dreams and at the same time empowers and motivates you to take positive action in creating the life of YOUR dreams :)


Life coaching is very powerful process which brings out the best in you, empowering you to fully live up to your full potential, to be healthy, wealthy & happy.


Life coaches have various skills and tools available to them, the most vital of which is an ability to actively listen to what you are saying. 

You may have heard the saying "You can't see the wood for the trees"  well a life coach will be able to reflect back to you what the wood looks like from the outside.  You'll gain insight and clarity into your present situation, and you'll put plans of how you can change whatever present situation you find yourself in action; creating a life of your dreams. 


Our life coaches do not guide you to what we think is best for you, we ease you into making your own decisions, creating your own plans, living your own life the way you want it to be.


Our life coaches use many different tools/exercises, we do not have one set programme that all our clients go through as we understand that you are unique and you have different needs/likes to anyone else.


An initial coaching session will usually encorporate the wheel of life exercise where you can assess the satisfaction levels of different areas of your life.  This tool also shows what kind of balance you have in your life and makes it easy for clients to decide on which area to focus on first.



Are you interested in finding out if Life Coaching could be the key to you living the life of your dreams?


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