Frequently Asked Questions


 How Long Does a Session take?

Life Matters coaches are unique in that each session can last for up to one and a half hours.  Why?  Quite simply through experience we’ve learned it can take a little time to get warmed up and settled into the session, and we don’t believe in interrupting our clients when they’ve only just started some very useful work.



How Long Do I Need A Life Coach for?

This will depend entirely on your reasons for having a life coach, if it is to attain a specific goal then the coaching may come to an end once the objective is achieved.  Some clients prefer to keep using a life coach, but may change the frequency depending on their goals and objectives.  For example when first using a life coach it may be weekly, but change to fortnightly or monthly.  A coaching session can be used by clients to assess their progress on long term goals, and infrequent sessions may be appropriate in this situation.  Some clients prefer to use a coach for a short period, and may return to use a life coach some years later.   Life Coaching lasts for as long as the client needs, and as long as the coach continues to see benefit for the client.


When does Life Coaching Take Place?

At a time that is convenient to you, our coaches operate both during office hours and evenings.  Evenings are however in higher demand so please be aware that advanced booking is sometimes required.


Interested in Discovering if Life Coaching will help you on your way?

Read our “Is Life Coaching for me?” leaflet, or Click here to book our free Life Coaching session.  We understand that it’s nice to know before you buy if the product is really want you want, so we offer all of our clients a free trial session.   You get to experience a coaching session and we get to meet you, it’s a win-win situation!