What would you say to your teenage self?

The Younger Claire Boyles!
The Younger Claire Boyles!


This morning I was asked:


"If there was one thing you wish you would have known at age 19, that you know now that has bettered your life, what would it be?"


Wow! What a powerful little question to draw out and tap into ones own wisdom!  



Here's what I said in response: 



  • That you are good enough, bright enough, fun enough, pretty enough, magnificent enough.


  • That you are a beautiful being who really can achieve whatever you want to in your life.


  • Do what you love, and find a way to earn a living do that, then you will be the richest person alive!


  • Don't allow your fears to rule your choices, ask for courage and you will receive it.


  • Making you happy serves those around you, if you neglect yourself you will be miserable, and have a negative effect on all those around you.


  • Love yourself, you are the most important treasure in your life.



What would you say to your 19 year old self? 


Leave your answers below and I bet you'll come up with some pretty profound wisdom we wish we'd learned a little earlier!  

But then, is it possible to gain wisdom before experience of life?  Whether it is or not, having a resource here, to point young people to, just might help them along life's journey! 

Tell them here what you'd love to have known when you were their age!  


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    Susanne Pegg (Wednesday, 31 August 2011 07:55)

    I would have told my 19 year old self and I am still
    (though through 'life experiences') teliing my
    almost 39 year old self that we cannot account nor
    always reason for the way other people will act/react.
    For e.g. when we expect others to react they way
    we would, this is the thing - things/ideas/ways are
    looked at so many ways that the respnse/reacion
    we expect is so very often different from the outcome
    outcome we see happen. From this I am trying
    (still!) to gain that weaccept what we think as correct
    and be happy with our decision then too learn or take
    from what way sombody else has approached or
    responded to the
    situation! From me!

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    Claire Boyles LifeMatters (Thursday, 01 September 2011 09:21)

    Hi Susanne,

    You're so right, it's such an important disctinction to learn in life, people don't react the way we would, we are all unique, and although one might be able to have a general idea, they often surprise us!

    Thanks for participating, I thought it'd be great to have a little catalogue of responses and provide a nice little resource to direct the young people we may know.

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    Paul S Allen (Thursday, 01 September 2011 14:35)

    I would like to tell my 19 year old self…
    • do not procrastinate
    • get a tertiary education (not wait 21 years to do it later),
    • to work harder,
    • to be more disciplined,
    • to relax more,
    • to enjoy life.

    The single biggest piece of advice I would give would be to think for yourself, don’t be swayed by popular opinion or peer pressure.

    But alas as good as this advice sounds now the one problem is that my 19 year old self would still not listen or more probably would listen but not act on it.

    Paul S Allen

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    Susanne (Monday, 05 September 2011 07:40)


    It is a lovely idea - what you have thought of here. I will think a bit more too :) Like the reply above also - especially the bit about not listening - at 19 we seem so confident - just out of school and confident in our endeavours - which can get nipped away at as we go on ! but this is what makes life 'eh and the 'experiences'! :0!