Dog Attack!!

What would you do?

Just imagine, you're walking your dog & you spot a dog in the distance that usually attempts to attack your dog through it's garden fence when you walk by, even though you don't go any where near it.  


THEN you realise that the owner, who is in the process of bringing it out of the garden HASN'T got the lead on, and it runs, full speed towards your dog!!


I froze!  And hoped that once it realised Goldie was friendly it wouldn't be too vicious (Normally dogs are very brave behind fences, but not so much face to face).  It was running so fast that when it attempted to slow down on reaching Goldie it bowled head over heels and ended up on it's back.  I stood and watched it squirm to get up again, and when it did it promptly stuck it's teeth into Goldie!!  


I shouted at it,but no response, so I started kicking at the dog, in a futile attempt to get it to let go.  When it's owner came over it let go, but he still didn't have it under control and it came back for a second attack from the other side.  I put myself in between it & Goldie and shouted at it in the gruffest voice I could muster "GET AWAY FROM MY DOG" while taking a step forward, it back off at this point & the man was able to get it on a lead.  (I couldn't decide if I was brave, or stupid at that point, but I wasn't letting it attack Goldie again!)


He then proceeded to tell me that I shouldn't have kicked his dog, I should have taken my dog away...


"How the *** was I supposed to take my dog away when it had it's TEETH stuck IN HER you SILLY MAN!"


at that point he had nothing further to say and walked off.



I was left shaken, Goldie, thankfully seemed fine, although she'd been bitten at least 3 times in the kerfuffle.


Now I'm left with wondering did I do the right thing?  I feel guilty for having kicked a dog, but also at the same time, it was the only way I to defend Goldie- she is simply not capable of defeding herself.  If I'd put my hand near it to pull it off, chances are it would have bitten me too! 


I have noticed this man's behaviour towards his animals when they start barking in the garden, he's very angry & shouty at them, which only encourages them to bark even more, and I've been concerned that he is ill treating them psychologically.  Now I'm even more concerned. 


So I've called the police, it is an offence to have a dog out of control in a public place, and I sincerely hope that the RSPCA get involved, at least in an attempt to educate him in how to handle his dog appropriately!


Poor old Goldie getting the brunt end of it :(



What would you do in this situation?  How would you have handled it? 


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